No child
should miss school

We are hand washing angels

It’s the word of the moment – children’s education and health – and there is little wonder why. We make handwashing a good hygiene behaviour at school for every child everywhere.

Right for education

It is our mission to fight for the health and education of children. We do not want children to miss school due to infectious diseases. Therefore, we learn the children to wash their hands and ultimately adopt a healthy behaviour at school, at home and in their communities. Access to education is what we believe in, and we promote hand hygiene learning for all. We make hand washing understood by keeping it easy, desirable, rewarding and, essentially, making it a habit.

Global partnership, local impact

The Hand Washing Angels is a joint initiative of Maastricht University, Maastricht University’s School of Business & Economics, UMIO, Diversey and Benthurst & Co. Hand Washing Angels started in 2019 in Kenya, and is currently operating at schools in Kenya, Uganda, and The Netherlands. In 2023, the progamme will expand to Asia, starting with Mumbai, India and Hanoi, Vietnam. Hand Washing Angels is a not-for-profit organisation, empowering the children, schools and local communities.



We started at the Royal Gate School in Bondo, Kenya. Now, we work in Kenya, Uganda, The Netherlands. Soon, we will expand to Mumbai, India and Hanoi, Vietnam.


This initiative unites a world-class, interdisciplinary team of business and academic experts with leading organisational partners.


Are you inspired by the projects? Would you like to get more insights? Or does your organisation want to join? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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